Dynamic balancing in our shop or at your facility

Complete facilities in our shop for dynamic balancing. Unlimited diameters and length. Up to 60,000 lbs. capacity. On-site with SKF data logger/spectrum analyzer.


Precision laser and computer techniques for alignment of any rotating equipment including hot target pre-set analysis.

Machinery Building

We rebuild machines for all types of equipment – presses, tube mills, process machinery, motors, generators, horizontal pumps of all types, blowers, fans, compressors, vertical pumps of all types and configurations, clutches, speed reducers and other rotating machinery. We will custom build electroplating rolls and high current rotary transfer heads with 36,000 amp capacity.


Our repair center is fully equipped with material handling equipment. Our largest crane has a capacity of 30 tons.

Machinery Removal, Transportation and Installation Services

Keystone offers turnkey services for removal, transportation, rebuilding, installation, laser alignment and start-up of motors, generators, pumps, blowers, fans, compressors and all other industrial rotating machinery.

Keystone Electric owns a fleet of trucks capable of hauling from hundreds of pounds to 100,000 lbs. Transportation and permitting are a part of normal operations.

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