• Keystone is equipped to handle large motor and generator rewinding with horsepowers up through 30,000 hp and voltages to 13,800 with all applicable electrical testing to conform to Nema and Easa standards both A.C. and D.C.
  • Full load testing is available to 1250 hp, 4160 volts A.C. and 600 volts, 1200 amps D.C.
  • All rewinds of 4160 and lower are VPI treated in Class “H” epoxy resin.
  • Keystone offers brushless conversions of older style brush-type synchronous machines and has presently successfully converted in excess of 40 machines.
  • Keystone offers turnkey services for removal, transportation, rebuilding, installation, laser alignment and start-up of motors, generators, pumps and other various equipment.
  • Keystone Electric owns a fleet of trucks capable of hauling from hundreds of pounds to 100,000 lbs. Transportation and permitting are a part of normal operations.

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